Sunday, October 28, 2012

Interlude/10k race with student runners

Rest Week
  Time for a short break.
First trail marathon run on August 12, first road marathon on September 2, 33k mountain race on September 30 and then last week's 40k with 5,000 feet of climbing. 
  This week? It's Saturday night and I've run a grand total of 15k. Three 5k runs. Tomorrow morning I'll take my student runners to a local 5k/10k and run the 10k with them. That will put me at 25k/15 miles for the week, which is the lowest mileage I've logged since August of 2011. I'll start to ramp up the kilometers in the coming weeks. On February second I will run the Ray Miller 50k in the Santa Monica mountains, and then on February 3rd I'll run the Surf City Half-Marathon in Huntington beach. Ray Miller will be my longest race and most climbing: 6,000 feet in 50k. The Surf-City half is flat as a pancake all at 0 elevation. Will be painful on fried quads, but it's going to be great fun to run with Meggin and Jeremy. 
  Sunday update: ran my best 10k with my students this morning. Negative splits that resulted in a 48:52, an improvement over my 51:19 from last 10k I ran in May.  I hope to get out to the mountain this weekend, maybe even sneak out for a summit on Thursday and test out the headlamp.

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